Magnetron Sputter Cathode
with compact Endblock for Tube Targets

The introduction of cylindrical targets has boosted the economic viability of magnetron sputtering and represents more than just an alternative to (reactive) evaporation. Dense ceramic and metallic thin films of excellent thickness uniformity deposited with minimal arcing can only be secured by smart integration of magnetron cathode, target material and power supply – the core competence of W&L Coating Systems.


Key features:

  • Compact endblock for DC, AC, unipolar and bipolar pulsed power
  • Highly efficient water cooling concept for the target allowing for operation in any position
  • Motor driven magnetic field pivoting (full 360°)
  • Endblock suitable for all targets on Ø80 mm backing tubes up to 1 meter in length (cantilevered) and longer with end support
  • Endblock and target cooling for max. 30 kW electrical power 

Rohrmagnetron 500



W&L tube magnetron in operation





Uniform target erosion profile

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