NMS450 Noble Metal Sputtering System
accommodating targets up to 450 mm in length

A compact system for material saving physical vapour deposition (PVD) of noble metals and/or 3D coatings


  • Specifically developed for the economic sputtering of noble metals
  • Profitable, high quality coating of complex, three dimensional objects
  • Highly productive batch-type coating system
  • Virtually no loss of precious sputter target materials
  • Environmentally friendly











The many advantages of sputtered metal films over those produced by electroplating are also true for noble metals and other precious materials. Higher material densities, improved adhesion (partially without the need for adhesion promotors), higher abrasion resistance, higher electrical conductivity and, last but not least, chemical-free and wastewater-free thin film production clearly make sputter processes preferred choice when it comes to quality, durability and sustainability of functional and decorative coatings on many components.


Our new batch-type coating system NMS450 is designed to accommodate a number of 3D objects fitting into a coating drum of a total volume of Ø 120 mm x 400 mm. When fully fitted the system comprises one radio frequency (RF) etching station and two sputter stations. The sputter stations are designed to maximize the material utilization. Sputtered material which is not deposited on the substrates may be redeposited on the sputter target from which it will be sputtered again. Any sputtered material which is not redeposited on the sputter target may be absorbed by shields made from copper and substrate carriers. The shield area is small compared to the sputter targets and can easily be removed for recycling as well as the substrate carriers. This way, losses of precious material can be reduced to almost nothing which is not the case for conventional sputter systems.







At the beginning of each system cycle of a fully fitted NMS450 six substrate carriers will be loaded into the main vacuum chamber at the same time. During the cycle all substrate carriers will be moved stepwise to the different process stations, all substrates will be subsequently plasma etched (for surface conditioning) and be coated with a maximum of two different (noble) metals.


A large mechanical rotary vane vacuum pump and an equally large turbo molecular pump attached to the main vacuum chamber by a high vacuum gate valve provide a low vacuum base pressure and a high pumping speed, which is imperative for a high productivity. The system software is able to store and recall different process parameter recipes.


The compact NMS450 is equipped with all necessary system components for stand-alone operation. It only requires three phase mains supply, dry compressed air, process gases, a vacuum exhaust line and a LAN connection if remote access was desirable. Basic system configuration comprises a programmable logic controller (PLC) with integrated computer and display for operation control, integrated water chiller, a radio frequency generator for substrate surface conditioning (by plasma etching) and two DC power supplies for the magnetron sputter cathodes. Optionally, the system can be fitted with pulsed DC power supplies and mass flow controller with additional gases for reactive processes to deposit metal oxides, nitrides and carbides.


The NMS450 is an ideal platform for economic and high value coatings of a great variety of functional and decorative applications. Designed specifically for saving expensive coating materials it is truly capable of coating 3D objects.


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