With the permanent rotation of the tubular target through the plasma, where the target erosion takes place, very effective cooling of the target can be achieved, which allows a two to three times higher power density to be achieved on the target surface than possible for planar targets. With higher power density, the reachable deposition rate of a magentron sputtering cathode and thus its cost-effectiveness naturally increase.



RTM 25/80

RTM 25/80
Rotating tube magnetron with compact end block for tube targets

The RTM 25/80 tubular cathode is designed as a modular system. The compact end block carries the drive system for the target rotation and the 0 - 360° magnetic field rotation. Furthermore, all connections for control, sputtering power supply and cooling water are located here. A shaft extension can be implemented to adapt to individual machine geometries.

The magnetic field and the target cooling are enclosed as an integrated unit by the target tube. The nominal target length can be freely selected in 50 mm increments from 200 – 1000 mm.

The end piece closes the target tube. It can be expanded to include a counter bearing so that longer nominal target lengths (up to approx. 2000 mm) can be achieved.

Key Features

  • End block for DC, AC, unipolar and bipolar pulsed power
  • Highly efficient cooling water routing in the target tube allows operation in any installation position of the cathode
  • Magnetic fields rotatable by 360° with motor drive
  • Suitable for all target materials on Ø80 mm support tubes up to 1 meter long without counter bearings. Even longer with a counter bearing.
  • Design of end block and pipe cooling up to 30 kW electrical power
  • Uniform target erosion

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