Layout of vacuum systems in general

W&L staff has plenty of experience in the design and operation of vacuum systems usually composed of vacuum chambers with or without load-locks, vacuum gauges, pipes, valves and vacuum pumps of all kinds. To find out whether insufficient base vacuum pressure is caused by water or gas desorption from walls or a vacuum leak can be tricky. On the other hand, the layout of a vacuum system for certain desired pressures and flow rates of gases can be quite a complex task since choices may have to be made and mistakes may turn out to be costly.

Cost of ownership considerations.

The decision to invest in a vacuum based process system needs some deliberation. Cost-of-ownership estimations could be quite useful in this context. W&L staff does have comprehensive experience in that matter. Solid data at the base of all contemplation for PECVD and magnetron sputter system processes alike is available at W&L.

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